In January 2021 we are hosting another three FREE short online sessions for everyone in our local community. See details on the three sessions below and sign up today.

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Mon 11th Jan 2021, 8pm

Anxiety & Worry

This session focuses on worry and anxiety, and the impact these emotions can have on our everyday lives. Worry is something we’ve all experienced, especially during the pandemic, and it’s not something we should just ‘shrug off’. During the session, you’ll talk about what’s worrying each of you at the moment, and look at different types of worries, including those which genuinely alert us to the possibility of danger, and those which we have no control over.


Mon 18th Jan 2021, 8pm

Handling habits

Whether we like it or not, habits play a part in all of our lives. In fact, around 40% of the things we do on a daily basis are out of habit. Unfortunately, this includes both good and bad habits. Through the work of CAP and local churches just like yours, we’ve helped hundreds of people better understand what triggers their habits, empowering them to find freedom.


Mon 25th Jan 2021, 8pm

Handling loss

As we go through life, we all experience loss and the emotions that come with it. We can struggle with feelings of loss for all sorts of reasons, including when somebody passes away, the end of a relationship, a health diagnosis, and even a positive change like a promotion or getting married. Grief is the process we go through when we experience the pain of loss. Not dealing with loss in a healthy way can lead to feelings of powerlessness and fear. Together, we’ll discover practical tips for navigating the healing process and coping with feelings of loss and grief.



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